E:UTSA-20 // e-learning exchange

The outbreak of a Covid-19 pandemic has put us in a situation we have never faced before. Not only do we have to face the struggles of a lockdown and restricted social contact but also, as acting students, we need to adjust and continue our studies mostly through online teaching. Unsure of how long the crisis’s going to last, we’ve started a discussion on how to make the most of the time we are forced to spend under lockdown.

Inspired by the fact that e-learning is being introduced in all schools across Europe we have come up with an idea for an educational and cultural exchange among theatre schools. We’ve created a platform aimed to bring teachers from different E:UTSA schools who are willing to share and stream their classes together with E:UTSA students. What a great opportunity to learn and explore art from perspectives we would never be able to get to know under regular circumstances.

You can access our timetable via this link. More details can be found in our private Facebook group.