E:UTSA-Lounge – Structural Sexism and Discrimination

E:UTSA-Lounge – Structural Sexism and Discrimination
When: 3rd July, 5pm – 7:30pm
Special Guests: Amleta and Bühnenkampf

Dear all,
We have all been waiting for the next E:UTSA lounge. The time has come! And after discussing some burning issues on our minds, the next lounge will focus on the topics of structural sexism and discrimination in the performing arts. It is a very current and burning topic and to get an insight into a deeper examination of it, we invited two feminist and queer-feminist collectives from Italy and Germany – Amleta and Bühnenkampf!
We are happy to welcome both to the E:UTSA-Lounge!
But we want to hear from you as well! What is the situation like in your country, in your city, at your school, in your theaters and institutions? You are welcome to bring questions for Amleta and Bühnenkampf. Perhaps we will discover and shape strong prospects and ideas for fighting structural discrimination!
We look forward to seeing you there! And one or the other game will not be missing either!

Zoom link will be posted on that day in our Instagram account @eutsa.students