World Theatre Day, Polish Message on 27 March 2022

When we think “theatre” today, an image of the Donetsk Academic Regional Drama Theatre in Mariupol shattered by missiles flashes before our eyes, with ДЕТИ – CHILDREN – written in enormous letters outside the building. The theatres in Poland were encouraged to put the letters  ДЕТИ (children) in the front or backyard of the theatres to emphasize their strong protest against the war and their strong belief that theatre might be a shelter for the future world.

Here’s the Polish-Ukrainian-English version of the Message, in Video and letter:

Orędzie na Międzynarodowy Dzień Teatru w trzech językach

Photos present letters  ДЕТИ painted at the front side of Dramatyczny Theatre and Studio Theatre in Warsaw (the central place of the city) and at the backyard of Collegium Nobilium Theatre.