Czech Republic – Brno

The Theatre Faculty of The Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno


The Theatre Faculty, together with the Music Faculty, form the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno (JAMU). JAMU has included music and theatre faculties since its foundation on the 12th of September 1947, and it is one of two similarly oriented universities in the Czech Republic.

The original fields of study, Dramatic Acting and Theatre Directing, were later joined by Dramaturgy, Stage Design, Musical Acting, Theatre Management, Theatre Technology, Drama Education, and Physical Theatre. Other fields of study include Radio and TV Dramaturgy and Script Writing, Drama Education for the Deaf, Audio-visual Creation and Theatre, Dance and Movement Theatre and Education, and Light Design. Besides these Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, the Theatre Faculty also has a four-year Ph.D. program in the field of Dramatic Arts. At present, over 350 students are studying at the Faculty.

The most important international events organized by the Theatre Faculty each year include the International Festival of Theatre Schools  SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER, the doctoral studies conference for students from many theatre schools, as well as a number of other academic conferences and workshops.


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Exchange Opportunities

JAMU is part of the Erasmus+ programme. We make use of the bilateral agreements within this programme, but also accept students through intergovernmental agreements. Since the study programmes at JAMU are accredited in Czech, JAMU has developed the Erasmus Student Exchange Programme “Bridging East and West” (BEW). With this program, we aim to create a space for artistic and educational exchange between European guest students in the specific surroundings of the Central European cultural tradition and atmosphere. The program implements the methods and experience of Czech cultural practice in an internationally oriented artistic teaching process. It has been designed and developed by collecting contributions from students from European theatre schools, constantly analysing their inputs, needs and preferences, and framing them in the wider context of the unique history of ideas and art in Central Europe.

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