Hungary – Budapest

The University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest


The University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest is the oldest art institution of higher education in Hungary. The history of the institution goes back to 1865 when the actor training in Hungary began and the School of Acting opened. Oscar-winning artists, including Mihály Kertész, Vilmos Zsigmond, István Szabó and Géza Röhrig, studied at UTFA.

Our University has 5 institutes:

  • Institute of Theatre Arts
  • Institute of Film and Media
  • Institute of Art Theory and Mediation
  • Doctoral School
  • Adult Education Center

Our University courses include Acting, Stage Directing, Dramaturgy, Applied Theatre, Motion Picture Studies, Production Design, Documentary Filmmaking, and Composing for Theatre and Motion Picture. In the 2008/2009 academic year we launched a new program: Choreographer-Directors for Physical Theatre.

 BA programs:

  • Motion Picture Studies (six specializations)
  • Motion Picture Editor
  • Television Production
  • Drama Instruction

MA programs:

  • Film Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Production Design
  • Documentary Film Directing

Undivided training which offers MA/MSc degree:

  • Acting (three specializations)
  • Theatre Script Editing/Dramaturgy
  • Stage Directing (three specializations)
  • Choreography-Directing for Physical Theatre

Doctoral programs:

  • DLA (Art of Theatre/Video and Film)
  • PhD in Arts (Art of Theatre/Video and Film)

Joint degree programs in English:

  • Viewfinder (Cinematography)
  • DocNomads (Documentary Filmmaking)


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Exchange Opportunities

The University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest has made significant progress in the area of international activities between 2015 and 2017. We run a Joint Master program called DocNomads together with universities from Lisbon and Brussels. We have also started a new Joint Master program for cinematographers called Viewfinder in collaboration with universities from Ireland and Estonia. Regarding the Erasmus+ mobility, the outgoing mobility increased each year by 117 percent more than projected. The number of bilateral contracts increased significantly. At the moment we have more than 30 bilateral agreements with European universities within the Erasmus+ program and we send students for exchange programs and internships to British, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Lithuanian and French theatres, workshops, film production companies and television channels. The University hosts students primarily from Belgium, Portugal, Lithuania, Norway, France, Ireland and Romania.

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