Russia – St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg State Institute of Performing Arts


The first acting class in Russia was founded in 1779 at the Emperor’s Theatre in St. Petersburg and now it turned to become the largest professional theatre school in Europe with number of faculty over 330, support staff over 230, and over 1550 students.

The history of the institute went together with the way of Russian theatre from classicist teaching models through world’s first professional education of stage directors in Vsevolod Meyerhold’s class since 1920s to innovative use of Stanislavsky method in our days.

The Russian State Institute of Performing Arts provides BA, MA, doctorate degree education for all theatre professionals: playwrights, directors, actors, set-designers, costume designers, stage engineers, theatre researchers, producers in focused programs for several kinds of performing arts – for drama, for musical theatre, for puppetry, for variety show, for television. Education is arranged in studios, like small companies of about 20 persons for whole period of studies, 40 contact hours per week during 30 weeks in a year. Group productions are shown on two stages of student theatre (500 seats, 90 seats). Acting education is mainly based on sufficiently updated version of Stanislavsky method that applies to physicality and to imagination of an actor, improvisational techniques, “method of etudes”, techniques of spontaneity by Nikolai Demidov, “game structures” by Mikhail Butkevich, some elements of Michael Chekhov’s techniques.


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Exchange Opportunities

The St. Petersburg State Institute of Performing Arts organizes various international festivals, conferences and competitions. International students and teachers are warmly welcome to participate in the following:

“Singing mask” is an annual competition of drama singing skills among actors. Various nominations include solo and ensemble singing that takes the form of small theatre performances. Students from Poland, Germany, Latvia, France and China have been among laureates of the competition in previous years. “Singing mask” takes place at the end of April and culminates with the Grand Concert on the stage of Student’s Theatre.

“Stage. Word. Speech” is our annual theoretical-practical conference dedicated to the methodological problems of teaching Voice and Speech in theatre Institutions. It takes place every October.

“Acting through Body Language” is our annual competition of movement skills that combines different dance, acrobatics, fencing, stage movement solo and ensemble performances of students from the Acting, Directing and Puppet departments. It takes place in March.

Exchanges among teachers, students and groups of students are possible and could be discussed.

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Margarita Spasskaia, institution representative:

Margarita Syrocheva, student representative: (3rd-year student of the Stage Technology department)