Sweden – Malmö

The Malmö Theatre Academy


The Malmö Theatre Academy is a leading institution for education and research in theatre studies. We offer exceptionally promising and motivated students and researchers a clearly profiled and international environment that prepares them for a challenging and changing professional life.

Malmö Theatre Academy conducts education and research in three areas: scenic and dramatic writing, acting and conceptual performing arts. The Academy offers Bachelor’s programmes in acting, and scenic and dramatic writing, as well as freestanding undergraduate courses in Theory and Practice of Theatre and in Conceptual Performing Arts. We also have a Master’s programme and a PhD programme in theatre. Research is conducted at the Academy, and many of our lecturers have their own artistic practice alongside their teaching. Every year, the Academy is the study or workplace to more than 100 people, including 65 full time students.

The Academy has three public premises at its disposal: two smaller spaces which can hold an audience of around 50 people, while the third is a fully-equipped theatre with seating for 120 people.

Our activities are oriented towards the field of professional theatre and performance; we have an extensive local, national and international network in the educational and performing arts sector, and carry out a large number of collaborations in both of these sectors annually.


If you want to learn more about our academy, please click https://www.lunduniversity.lu.se/lucat/group/v1000167

Exchange Opportunities

Internationalisation is an important aspect of the Academy’s activities. By 2020, we plan to organise a EUTSA General Assembly and, in connection with this, offer a EUTSA-wide workshop. For students, primarily on the Master’s programme, but also for staff, we are investing in building networks both within and outside Sweden. In recent years, the mobility of our teaching staff has included visits to Germany, the UK, China and Brazil. Our students have been to Germany, Italy and Lithuania.

As part of Lund University, we can offer certain opportunities for exchange studies and other forms of mobility through Erasmus+.

The Academy is a member of Norteas (Nordplus network of Nordic and Baltic performing arts institutions in higher education) in which we will contribute to the series of online lectures in spring 2018.

Get in touch

These are our E:UTSA representatives. In the case you would like to get in touch, just send a message!

Ditte Bjerg, head of department; ditte.Bjerg@thm.lu.se

Henry Stiglund, head of the acting programme: henry.stiglund@thm.lu.se

Erik Lundholm, student representative: erik.lundholm.7366@student.le.se

Fredrik Haller (responsible for the Bachelor’s Programme in Dramatic Writing), institutional representative: fredrik.haller@thm.lu.se